My biggest dream…

…is to get a pet hedgehog.

If you buy me one for my birthday, I will seriously love you forever!

I’m a loser.

It’s been awhile.

Hello again Tumblr! Man I should really use this more often. 

Attempt numero dos.

Hello Tumblr world!

    It has been a while, hasn’t it? The last time I posted was a YEAR AGO…LOL. So I’ve decided to attempt yet again to blog on a regular basis. Jane Kim, if you’re reading this, I finally blogged! Thanks friend for constatly reminding me! LOL.

   No guarantees, but it’s a worth another try, right?


It is currently 9:44 pm and I am in my dorm.

How do I feel? A bit sad. A bit nervous.

My parents left not to long ago. As I hugged them and said good-bye, I was holding back the tears, trying to stay strong. …but that didn’t work. I cried right after they left…HAHA. I’m gonna miss not seeing them everyday. And I will definitely miss my brother! Luckily he isn’t to far away! AND I WILL DEFINITELY MISS MY DOG. ): At least I’ll see all four of them on the weekends. Okay enough of this sadness.

On the bright side, my dorm is really nice! My mom helped make my dorm all pretty. :) And my roommate is is awesome!

There’s even a microwave and a fridge in my room! It’s wonderful.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so sad. People say that college is the best time of your life. Hopefully it’s true! Anyways I have the God of the UNIVERSE on my side, so why should I be afraid? teehee.

College, please be good to me. Hopefully I’ll transition into college well and enjoy the upcoming semester!



It is currently 11:04 PM and I am feeling very happy. I’m in such a good mood that I felt the need to blog! hehe. Here’s a breakdown of my week/day:

    VBS- What a blast it was to be a part of VBS. Being about to work with the promiseland students was so awesome. Their energy and contagious smiles always put me in a good mood. Was it stressful? at times. But it was most definitely worthwhile. VBS was also amazing because I got to have an amazing time of fellowship with my older brothers and sisters in Christ. They are all so wonderful and I was so glad that I was able to spend time with them! Helping out with VBS only made my passion to work with the youth even greater. I WILL help out with VBS next year!

    Pastor Mo’s Farewell Party- What a bittersweet ending to an awesome day. Pastor Mo and his family have been such a blessing in my life. His dedication and heart to serve the youth is such an inspiration to me. I will never forget going on numerous mission trips with him and growing up in Timothy along side of him. I am so thankful for his never-ending love, patience, and encouragement he has shown me. I will definitely miss seeing him around and I am so honored to know such a great man of God. Being an MC for his party was such an honor! Initially, I was fairly nervous, but it was all worthwhile in the end. I really wish I could have said these words to him face to face, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to recieve the oppurtunity I thought I was going to get. Anyways, it has been wonderful spending time with Pastor Mo all these years.  I LOVE YOU PASTOR MO! you’re the best. <3

…Overall life has been pretty great. I recieved a lot of compliments today/this week that really boosted my self-esteem. I feel that God is reminding me of his unconditional love for me through the kindness and encouragements of my fellow brothers and sisters. I really wish you could feel how content I feel right now! I am able to sleep tonight with a smile on my face. Praise God for all he has done! LIFE IS GOOD.

This is my favorite song of the moment.

This song completely speaks to me and I can honestly say that I have felt like this in the past.

I admire Demi’s strength and her ability to get back on her feet and fight.

She is such an inspiration.

Hello Tumblr.

So I finally made a tumblr! I usually don’t invest a lot of time into blogging, so there will be no guarantee that I will be blogging often. I have a wordpress, but I barely update tumblr may be the same way! I will definitely try my best to update as much as I can.